A few things i've learned this past year

Last week was my, uhhh hum, 39th birthday. But 39 is the new 29 right?? In reflecting back over the past year, there are a few lessons that stand out for me. So I thought I would share those with you all here on the blog community.

1. I haven't arrived yet. Definitely haven't arrived. Not now, and really not ever. Which means I have to stay hungry and keep learning.

2. Everyone needs a cheerleader. We all need someone to believe in us. Reminded more than ever this past year of this.

3. My turn to be the expert. We all have to embrace our role at some point as being in the seat of expertise. Not because of arrogance, but because of responsibility and stewardship of influence.

4. Laser-like focus. The older I get, the more focus I want and need to have on what I'm good at, and what God has gifted me to do. More focus, not less.

5. Fun isn't just an option. It should be a requirement. This past year I lost track of something important to me- making sure life is fun and that fun and celebration is part of everyday life.