10 Things that drive me crazy

A little Friday end of the week rant for you..... A few things that drive me crazy:

1. Slow drivers in the left hand lane. Seriously, get over.

2. Laziness. Get up and get going!

3. Gossip. No place for it. Especially in the Church and Christian community.

4. Human trafficking. Unacceptable. More of a problem today than in recent history. Angers me.

5. Excuses and always blaming others. Childish.

6. Arrogance. You're not as good as you think.

7. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Bureaucracy at it's best. Doesn't matter what state or city... always one of the most depressing places on earth.

8. Child poverty. We have to do our part to end this.

9. Settling for Average. God deserves our very best.

10. Current political climate. We need to get things done, not argue.