What Happens When Someone on Your Team Drops the Ball

The Power of Accountability. Sets the tone in any organization. So what about when someone completely drops the ball? We all have experienced this as leaders. I know I have. So how do you respond?

You give a big assignment or project to someone on your team, and they lay an egg- totally drop the ball and don't get it done. We've all been there. I know I have.....both as the goat who goofed up, as well as the one in charge trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

So how do you handle it? Let's look at this situation from both sides, both the one who dropped the ball and the one in charge.

1. As the one who dropped the ball, just own up to it. Don't make excuses. Be self-policing and self aware. Be accountable. And be mature. And realize that your leader or your boss or the person in charge is trying to figure out how to deal with your mistake or lack of action- lean into that and bring it up first and tell them it won't happen again. Don't wait on them to have to confront you. Be proactive. Leaders would always rather find out from you that you laid an egg, vs. finding out from someone else, many times when it's too late to do anything about it.

Own up. Grow Up. Shut up. And don't be the goat again.

2. As the leader, four things to think about: 1. confrontation; 2. conversation; 3. restoration; 4. affirmation. Got these from Kevin Myers in a talk he did a couple of years ago at 12 Stone Church. The key on this- confront, and then move on. Get through the confrontation and onto to the conversation and restoration as quick as possible. If you have the right kind of person on your team, they feel terrible anyway, so spend very little time confronting, and way more time on restoration and affirmation.

Reality is, a majority of accountability, both with individuals and with teams, should be built around conversation and affirmation. This is not just telling people they are great. That's part of it. But instead, affirming this person and your team about where you are going as a team, how you are going to get there, how you are winning, and how they are incredibly important to the success and accomplishments of the team, and accomplishing the mission and vision of the organization. Being accountable to the Vision.

As a leader, DO NOT withhold affirmation. This is so hard. I struggle at this constantly, making sure I am affirming our team and not just confronting.

Assuming you've established trust, a strong level of commitment, and a proper corporate culture, then ultimately affirmation is the greatest power and source of strength for team accountability. If all you are doing is confronting and not moving towards conversation and restoration and affirmation, you'll struggle with team accountability and a culture that is committed and loyal and willing to conquer the hill.

Tough to do this, especially for type A hard charging leaders.

6 Leadership Qualities of Nehemiah

Nehemiah is one of my favorite people in the Old Testament. He was a leader, pure and simple. Here are several leadership traits that stand out to me that he possessed. 1. Humble- he ranked high in the Kingdom of Artaxerxes- he was cupbearer to the King. Yet he understood the stewardship of his role. And arrived in Jerusalem only with the animal he was riding, when he could have asked the King for many more men to help him and escort him back.

2. Compassionate- when he learned of the suffering of his people, he sat down and cried. And then mourned for days, fasting and praying for his Jewish brothers and sisters in Jerusalem.

3. Visionary- he immediately captured the hearts of the people to help in rebuilding the walls. He was a masterful motivator. To show up and be able to rally the people to work together was an amazing feat.

4. Strength and courage- when confronted with naysayers and even potential attacks from those outside the city, he held the people together, spoke with strength and determination and confidence, and even instructed those building the wall to have a spear in one hand and a tool in the other!

5. Organized- Nehemiah quickly assembled working teams to rebuild the wall with haste, and had people working round the clock to finish the job. Anyone who can lead rebuilding the wall in 52 days has the ability to organize and stay focused on the strategy at hand.

6. Integrity- when Nehemiah learned of the way some of the people were being cheated and sold into slavery by others in the city, he quickly brought light to it and put a new solution and system in place. He wouldn't stand for the iniquities that had been going on for quite a while.

10 New books you should read

1. The Catalyst Leader- by me...I'm biased, but I truly believe you should purchase this one and read it! 2. One Question- by Ken Coleman

3. More or Less- by Jeff Shinabarger

4. Start- by Jon Acuff

5. Freefall to Fly- by Rebekah Lyons

6. Bread and Wine- by Shauna Niequist

7. Decisive- by Chip and Dan Heath

8. Give and Take- by Adam Grant

9. Alter Ego- by Craig Groeschel

10. Boundaries for Leaders- by Henry Cloud

Young Influencers List, April edition

Here you go, the April edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past editions here. 1. Graham Bronczyk- worship pastor/leader at Newport Church in CA.

2. Jasmine Star- artist, blogger, and world renowned photographer and wedding photog extraordinaire.

3. Artie Delgado- uber talented videographer, director, editor, storyteller and founder of Brink Films.

4. Rebekah Lyons- author of brand new book Freefall to Fly, and co-founder of Q Ideas.

5. Ryan and Josh Shook- speakers and authors of the book FirstHand, and sons of Kerry Shook.

6. Dustin Ahkuoi- singer, songwriter, worship leader, and lead vocals for A Town A List.

7. Amelia Quinn and Kelley Stagnaro- founders of BeLoved Atlanta, residential home community for women leaving the sex industry.


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A conversation with my friend Ken Coleman on his new book One Question

Here is my sit down interview with Ken Coleman talking about the release of his new book One Question: Life Changing Answers from Today's Leading Voices. Ken is one of my closest friends in the world, and I highly recommend this book for you and your leadership development. It's a collection of practical wisdom from leading voices today from all different backgrounds, including folks like Malcolm Gladwell, John Maxwell, Coach K, Pat Summitt, Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Mark Burnett, Tony Robbins, and more.

You can purchase the book here. You can also get a special bundle of my new book The Catalyst Leader (it releases on Tuesday, April 16) and One Question in a bundle pack on the Catalyst store.

Part One:


Part Two:


Part Three:


Great Teachers from my past

We've all had great teachers in our past, right? Teachers who inspired us, challenged us, helped us mature, and were instrumental in us becoming who we are today. Why are some teachers considered great, and others not so much? Lots of reasons.

Thinking back on my teachers, here are the ones who stand out for me:

1. Mrs. Stephens- Senior English teacher. She pushed me to be better. Constantly. She didn't let me coast. She was highly respected among the students. Not necessarily liked by everyone, but always respected. She never let us coast and never just gave us "busywork." And she made me write my senior English paper on "Machiavellian Leadership." Not your normal English paper topic....

2. Mr. Galatian- High School physics and Science. He made Physics and science and computers a ton of fun. He engaged with students constantly. He was approachable and always willing to spend extra time helping you understand what was being taught. He had lots of jokes that he rolled out on a consistent basis. He was authentic.

3. Mrs. Darrah- 5th grade teacher. She was awesome. Made our class a ton of fun. I remember hundreds and hundreds of pages of cursive writing in her class..... And the fact that she also enjoyed dipping nacho cheese doritos into the chocolate shakes in the cafeteria!!

4. Mrs. Thompson- Elementary school Librarian. She made books and stories come to life. Listening and watching her read a book was just short of experiencing the same story through film. Her storytelling was magical!

5. Mr. Lomenick - yes, my dad. He never was a classroom teacher for me, but he coached me in football, and in life. And he was and still is a constant teacher- making others better and being willing to explain things, as well as see the potential in kids. That's a huge part of being a great teacher I believe, is the vision for what a kid can be, even if they don't realize it or see it.

Here's the deal. If you can remember the great teachers in your past, don't just remember who they are, but actually send them a note, or call them, or make a visit to their classroom when you might be back in your hometown. Tell them how much they meant to you and to your development as a person and as a leader.

We need Great Teachers. and we need to acknowledge the great teachers in our lives.

You are a Leader. And you are Responsible. Deal with it.

I get asked all the time by young leaders "how do you handle the responsibility of leading something like Catalyst?" Good question. Reality is, anyone who leads a Church, leads a company, leads a community, leads a non-profit ministry, leads a team, or even a family feels and knows the pressure of responsibility. And Responsibility is part of Leadership. Always. You've heard this before....."You're responsible for what happens.....Don't screw up!" Right!!! We hear this all the time from our parents, from our boss, from our boards, from our friends, from our spouses.

So how do I correctly live with the pressure of Responsibility and Leadership? For me it always begins and ends around the issue of stewardship. The whole idea of stewardship relates back to the concept of watching over something for someone else. Taking care of something you don't own. Ultimately, stewardship begins and ends with a very clear understanding of how you view your role. Are you the owner, or simply the steward for the owner? Is this mine, or am I just taking care of it while the owner is gone? This will help you shape the framework for what correct Biblical stewardship looks like. Whether it's your role in managing your time, your role in cultivating a dream, your role in leading an organization, your role in managing your money, and more.

So here are a few thoughts on Stewardship, and how it relates to leading whatever movement, organization, community, tribe, or team that you've been currently given.

1. Hold things with an open hand, palms down. Picture that one in your mind. Versus the mindset of holding things with a closed fist, palms up.

2. You don't really own it. God does. All of it.

3. You don't deserve the credit. It's not you. God deserves the credit. All of it.

4. It's not about you. Don't be naive. You are NOT the reason for the mission and vision of the organization or community you are leading. Those who you are serving are. Those who are part of the movement and community are most important. Embrace that one.

5. You must step up when needed. It's not about you, but as the leader the buck has to stop with you. Make decisions, bring clarity, encourage communication, and don't play the blame game. Step up and lead.

6. Be generous. Be others focused. Always. And not just when it helps you. Creating wins for others is more fun, and ultimately very strategic.

7. Building a movement is not your job. That's the work of God. Your role is to be prepared to lead one if God sees fit. Thanks to my friend Perry Noble for this nugget.

8. Model the vision and mission. But don't become a barrier to get to it. Let your team carry it, and be in the limelight, and get the credit.

9. You are not the first. And you won't be the last. Others have done this before, and there will be others after you. Understand your role in the generational impact chain.

A few reasons to attend Catalyst Dallas May 1-3

I'm so excited about Catalyst Dallas coming up May 1-3, 2013 in Dallas, TX at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship.

If you are considering attending, you'll want to go ahead and REGISTER TODAY to get the BEST RATES on tickets.

TOMORROW, THURSDAY, April 4,  is the early registration deadline, so go ahead and get your team or staff signed up at the lower prices. And when you register, use Rate Code FOB for an additional 10% off. Just for being a part of this blog community.

Here are 11 reasons why I am excited about Catalyst Dallas, and why you should attend:

1. The speaker lineupAndy Stanley, Dave Ramsey, Emmitt Smith, Louie Giglio, Erwin McManus, Brene Brown (TED talk sensation), Craig Groeschel, Lysa TerKeurst, Mark Driscoll, Amena Brown Owen, Reggie Joiner, Jon Acuff and more. This lineup has me jacked. Seriously. I'm pumped!

2. Matt Redman, David Crowder, North Point band, Johnny Swim, Ryan O'Neal and Propaganda - all will be leading us musically. Epic.

3. Tripp and Tyler- funny guys. funny videos. they will be funny. And our emcee Chris Seay representing the state of Texas and specifically the great city of Houston. Go Rockets!

4. 5 Free Talks- there are 5 FREE talks available to you for FREE on the Catalyst Dallas Website. Go and open your free present NOW!

5. MAKE- this is our theme. And I love it.

6. LABS- wow, the wisdom and know-how that will be presenting on LABS day is humbling. Come a day early on Wednesday May 1 and hear from thought leaders like Bob Goff, Carl Lentz, Jon Acuff, Matt and Beth Redman, David Kinnaman, Tim Elmore, Stasi Eldredge, Matt Carter, Herbert Cooper, Charles Lee, Lynne Hybels, Charles Jenkins, Rachel Cruze, Jeremy Cowart, Stacy Spencer, Bianca Olthoff, Propaganda, Ryan O'Neal, Jo Saxton, Jennie Allen, Angie Smith, Jeff Shinabarger, Carlos Whittaker, Promise Tangeman, Ryan Leak and others!

7. Opening and Closing Session at LABS- Carl Lentz will be presenting in the opening session of Labs, and Bob Goff will be presenting in the closing session on Wednesday. Carl is the lead pastor of Hillsong Church New York City, and Bob is the best-selling author of Love Does and founder of Restore International.

8. 3300 Leaders- Catalyst attracts the doers, the influencers, the cultural architects, and change agents. And when you get 3300 leaders and influencers who are intent on making a difference together, great things happen.

9. Bent Tree Bible Fellowship- a great campus in Carrolton, TX (North Dallas). Top notch facilities, wireless, and a staff that is incredible to work with. The Bent Tree team is family, and we love working with them!

10. Our key partners and causes - at Catalyst we are always intentional about highlighting great organizations and leaders who are making a difference and impacting communities all over the world. Once again we'll have a number of organizations present that you can talk with and get involved with, including Plywood People, Convoy of Hope, The Giving Keys, Gift Card Giver, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee (free coffee!!), Compassion International, and many more!

 11. The Unexpected- Our prayer is always that God would move in the hearts of the leaders who are part of Catalyst in ways we don't expect or plan for. We love creating what we consider to be a great event, but we trust and know that God shows up in unexpected ways and meets each leader in specific ways. We love hearing stories of life change, of moments of clarity, of great conversations, of powerful times of renewal, of leader's walk with Jesus becoming stronger, etc. The experience of Catalyst is what we all look forward to.

Make sure and Register TODAY. Again, best rates end TOMORROW, so go ahead and register now. You can also call 888.334.6569 to speak to a Catalyst Concierge. And use Rate Code FOB when you register to save some additional $ off your registrations.

Can't wait to see you in Dallas May 1-3!

How Known are You by You?

For leaders, one of the hardest things we have to do is self-assessment. We have a much easier time giving feedback and positive criticism and providing helpful advice to those we lead, but being able to honestly assess where WE each are individually as leaders is tough. But, self-assessment is one of the most important things we can do to make sure we continue to grow and get better. A few thoughts on this:

1. You are never too good at what you do or who you are to not need honest feedback from yourself, your peers, your family, and your friends. Seek it out constantly.

2. Your ability to correctly provide a self-assessment is many times a reflection of your humility and appropriate self-confidence as a leader. The more humble you are, typically the more self-aware you are. The more arrogant you are, typically the less self-aware you are.

3. Can you and do you laugh at yourself consistently? Are you taking yourself way too seriously? If so, chill out. You're not that important and you need to relax. Sometimes the more platform and position we get, the more serious we take ourselves. Don't.

4. As a follower of Jesus, we MUST rely on the Holy Spirit for correction and discernment on areas of our lives where we need to improve and grow in maturity.

5. At the end of the day, no one really enjoys self-assessment. But you can be CONFIDENT that those around you on your team, your friends, your peers and your family are way more aware of you and your style and the things you can improve on. As a leader, you have to be willing to swallow your pride and look yourself in the mirror and correctly assess who you are. A more self-aware leader becomes a way more Confident and followable leader.

6. No one wants to work FOR or AROUND a leader who doesn't understand who they really are. Many times these leaders lack a clear sense of reality. My friend Ken Coleman calls this REALITY DEPRIVATION SYNDROME (RDS). Unfortunately, many leaders live in this world, and end up making decisions based on their false intuitions and assumptions because they don't have a clear sense of who they are and how they are viewed by their peers and what reality really looks like.

7. Know very clearly your areas of strength and areas of weakness. The more personality tests and self-assessment tests you can take, the better. Strengthsfinder, Myers-Briggs, Right Path Assessment, Personality tests, etc. All of these are helpful in giving you a perspective of the type of person you are, and the areas you need to be more aware of that can become problem areas.

8. Once you understand who you are, create a game plan for constant improvement. For example, one of my tendencies is to use cynicism as a source of gaining power and making others feel weak. I am VERY aware of this tendency I have, and have tried to create some barriers in my life that will harness this. Another example for me is that I will end up doing everything myself, instead of naturally delegating or allowing others on our team to take on responsibility. Because of this, I've had to be very intentional about making sure I don't micromanage. Another tendency I have is to be way more intense than I need to be. Because of this, I've tried to give my team permission to tell me when I'm in the "intense" zone. It's still something I find myself doing, but am very self-aware of this and work constantly to improve.

Being Great starts with you

All of us want to be great. Especially as leaders. All of us want to be part of a great team. Have a great family. A great neighborhood. A great church. A great community. A great legacy. There are lots of factors that go into being great. But ultimately, being great starts with you. And since you are your greatest coach and advocate for yourself, here are a few things to always think about when it comes to being great.

1. Be responsible.

2. Be on time.

3. Be a finisher.

4. Be a learner.

5. Be a hustler.

6. Be a role model and carrier of the organizational vision.

7. Be positive.

8. Be self aware and self regulating.

9. Be first.

10. Be someone who "leans in"

11. Be who you are. Know who you are, and lead yourself.

12. Be deeply passionate.

13. Be a courageous risk taker.

Young Influencers List, March edition

Here you go, the March edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's lists here. 1. Andy Wood- founding pastor, South Bay Church in San Jose.

2. Crystal Paine- founder of the uber popular blog Money Saving Mom, and author and speaker.

3. Adam Braun- founder and CEO, Pencils of Promise.

4. Gary Ward- otherwise known as G-Blest, rapper, hip hop and spoken word artist in Las Vegas. Performs regularly at Central Christian Church.

5. Leighton Ching- design and creative artist guru at Passion Conferences, Passion City Church and sixstepsrecords.

6. Carissa Phelps- attorney, youth advocate, social entrepreneur and author of the book Runaway Girl.

7. Christian Huang- executive director of San Francisco City Impact, a rescue mission intervening in the heart of inner city San Francisco.