Are you a leader of Action?

Are you a Kinetic Leader, or Potential Leader? Remember from science class in 9th grade? Kinetic energy is energy in motion. The energy created by forward motion.

The opposite of Kinetic energy is Potential energy. Potential Energy is energy that is stationary and not moving. Actually Potential energy is defined as "stored energy of position." Basically energy that's not accomplishing anything. Huh, know anyone with "stored energy of position???"

Unfortunately, lots of leaders I know have great Potential, but nothing is happening. They have great intentions, but end up at the starting line stuck with great ideas.

Water in a glass is Potential energy. Water being poured out of a glass is Kinetic energy.

A car parked is potential energy. A car going down the road is kinetic energy.

Mentioning you should do something about the culture in your organization is potential energy. Actually doing something and proposing a new set of core values is kinetic energy. 

Leaders are either kinetic or potential.

We all know Leaders who have tons of Potential Leadership, and potential influence. Plenty of opportunity, plenty of talent, plenty of talk, but no action. No movement. No accomplishment. No completed projects. Just lots of hype.

But Kinetic Leadership is all about moving things forward. Getting things done. Leadership in motion. Action. Making it happen. Moving the ball across the finish line.

I want to be a Kinetic Leader. We all should. So whatever is potential today, turn it into Kinetic. Make it happen.