20 Things I remember from my childhood

It's always interesting to me what we remember from our childhood, especially many years later. Here are a few things for me: 1. The A Team

2. Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion

3. Being deathly scared of tornadoes and thunderstorms

4. The fall of the Berlin Wall

5. Friendship bracelets

6. Guns n Roses

7. Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ER's Football- Joe Montana and Jerry Rice

8. The Brady Bunch

9. Ronald Reagan

10. Nintendo and Tecmo Bowl

11. Tight roll jeans

12. US Hockey team winning Olympic Gold- the miracle on ice!

13. Michael Jackson

14. Star Wars

15. Jack Nicklaus winning the Masters golf tourney in 1986!


17. the Cold War

18. President's physical fitness test in PE

19. Spelling Bees

20. The Young Believers church singing group


What are your favorite childhood memories?