10 Major Trends for 2013

Here are a few trends that seem to be capturing major attention as we start 2013. I am not proposing that all of these are positive trends, but simply stating them as a picture of reality as move into 2013 and beyond.
1. Content on demand- everywhere, often and most of the time free.
2. Tech in everything- cars, kitchen, refrigerators, watches, wallets, and other devices.
3. Smart Phone as the center of your world- it is where you consume content, get info, make calls, update my status, and remote control my tv and appliances, along with basically running your life.
4. Integrated social media- social media is no longer a phenomenon. It's here to stay. And now integrated into everything we do.
5. We are all leaders- because of social media, technology, and the digital space, anyone can create a platform and gain influence quickly. Everyone has access. Small competes with large, and there is an equal playing field for most involved.
6. Authenticity matters- more than ever, we have to be real and genuine and honest.
7. Comfortable Multi-tasking is in- Cars are now being created that drive themselves. For real. We are more than ever creatures of comfort. Comfort so I can do multiple things at once.
8. Touchscreens- experience is now about everything being a touchscreen and swipe technology.
9. Collaboration- working together is more and more becoming the norm. Shared office spaces between companies, shared staff, partnerships, etc.
10. Mergers and streamlining within industries- similar to #9, but specifically as it relates to a formal merger between companies, organizations and churches. This continues to happen with more regularity, and is now happening consistently with churches and non-profit organizations.