Young Influencers List, March Edition

Here you go, the March edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month’s lists here.

1. Emily P Freeman - Greensboro, NC based author and host of the uber popular podcast The Next Right Thing.

2. Bradford and Bryan Manning - Dallas originated and now NYC based brothers and founders of Two Blind Brothers, a clothing and apparel company dedicated to helping cure blindness.

3. April Hernandez Castillo - NYC based actor, communicator and educator.

4. Justin Giboney - Atlanta based attorney, political strategist, and founder of the AND Campaign.

5. Tim Timberlake - NC based communicator, lead pastor of Christian Faith Center, and hope architect.

6. Elizabeth Bruenig - DC based opinion columnist for The Washington Post.

7. Drew Hyun - NYC based author, speaker, church planter and pastor of Hope Church Midtown, as well as founding pastor of Hope Church NYC.

Young Influencers List, February Edition

Here you go, the February edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month’s lists here.

1. Guy Mason - Melbourne, Australia based founder and lead pastor of City on a Hill.

2. Molly Heacock - Atlanta based Chief Operating Officer for Care for Aids, a non profit focused on helping families in Kenya.

3. Brandon Lake - Charleston based singer, songwriter, worship leader at Seacoast Church and recently signed to Bethel Music.

4. Tanya Rad - LA based entertainer, host with iHeart Radio, and part of On Air with Ryan Seacrest Show.

5. 1k Phew - Atlanta based musician, artist, rapper, and part of Reach Records.

6. LaChina Robinson - basketball analyst for ESPN, speaker, and former WNBA player.

7. Ben Gomez - Lakeland, FL based professor, director of Youth Ministry studies, and campus pastor at Southeastern University.

Young Influencers List, January Edition

Here you go, the January edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month’s lists here.

1. WHATUPRG - Atlanta based rapper, songwriter and producer with Reach Records.

2. Katie Guiliano - founder of Hosanna Revival, providing tools and resources for women to better engage Scripture.

3. Travis Simons - pastor, teacher, part of leadership team at Potters House in North Dallas, and adjunct professor at Southeastern University in FL.

4. Tim Mackie and Jon Collins - Portland based writers, and co-founders and leaders of The Bible Project.

5.. Sean Hill - Atlanta based director of operations for Brand Apart, and former marketing coordinator at Chick-fil-A.

6. Esther Fedorkevich - Austin based entrepreneur, literary agent, and founder of The Fedd Agency, representing multiple best-selling authors and speakers.

7. Meredith Andrews - Nashville based artist, songwriter, and worship leader.

Young Influencers List, December edition

Here you go, the December edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month’s lists here.

1. Laura Bento Quick - Birmingham based founder and editor in chief of Good Grit Magazine.

2. Jedidiah Thurner - Dana Point, CA based speaker, humanitarian and Executive Director of Missions.Me.

3. Clancy Cauble - LA based actress and social good director at This Bar Saves Lives.

4. Josh Robinson - Atlanta based Principal and Ex Creative Director of My Friend’s Nephew, a creative and branding agency.

5. Ashley Mathews - Atlanta based education pastor at Trinity Anglican.

6. Ebonie Johnson Cooper - Washington, DC based educator, storyteller and Ex Director of Young, Black and Giving Back Institute at Georgetown University.

7. Blythe Hill - LA based co founder and CEO of Dressember, a non profit focused on awareness building around human trafficking.

Young Influencers List, November Edition

Here you go, the November edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past months lists here.

1. Chari and Dane Caston - co-founders of World Peace Connection, a lifestyle brand about taking action on things that inspire.

2. Dominic Russo - LA based speaker, humanitarian, international missions innovator, and founder of Missions.Me, creating large scale outreaches all around the world.

3. Marcus Hollinger - Atlanta based photographer and VP of Marketing for Reach Records.

4. Becca Stevens - Nashville based author of Love Heals, speaker, CNN Hero nominee, and founder of Thistle Farms.

5. Jason Romano - host of the Sports Spectrum Podcast, former ESPN producer, and author of Live to Forgive.

6. Andre Shinabarger - Atlanta based co-founder of Plywood People and the Love or Work Project and Podcast.

7. James Kelly - Ontario based founder of Faith Tech, a global hub and community for bridging the gap between faith and technology.