Weekend wrap up and a few things to know

1. Download FREE song from Johnny Swim. Johnny Swim created a theme song for Catalyst Atlanta 2 weeks ago entitled "MAKE." You can download the free song and watch the video of the "Making of" the song. 2. Purchase the Catalyst Experience Kit. Get all the sessions from Catalyst, including main sessions AND all of the LAB sessions. Plus a myriad of new resources from folks like Andy Stanley, Matt Chandler, Christine Caine, Francis Chan, and others. Also includes the new Catalyst GroupZine curriculum as well as Catalyst Filter. Over $800 in value for $249. Purchase here.

3. We have 3 Catalyst One Days coming up in the next 5 weeks: One Day Seattle this week on Thursday, October 25 (plus Calibrate on Wednesday, October 24); One Day Pennsylvania on Thursday, November 15 (it is sold out, but creating a waiting list for overflow); and One Day Sacramento on Thursday, November 29. You can register here.

4. Watch some great interviews from Catalyst at Catalyst Backstage.

5. New Catalyst podcast features interviews with Andy Stanley and Simon Sinek. Download for FREE here.

6. Check out all the great artists from Catalyst Atlanta here. Including all the worship leaders as well as special guests.

7. Two good leadership articles from Fast Company: How to Make Your Employees Feel Like SuperHeroes, and How Nascar Uses Access to Build the Most Loyal Brand Fans Anywhere.