Now is the Time to Reach Out

Okay, this next week is the last full week before Christmas. Time to wrap up those projects, finalize year end plans, and mark some items off the to-do list. While at it, take some time this week to reach out. Make a call or send an email. Text someone. Send a note.

Here are a few ideas:

- call a close friend who lives in another state that you haven't talked to in several months

- send an email to a former employee or work peer who might need some encouragement

- get in touch with an "unreachable" (out of your league) mentor or hero who has greatly inspired or impacted you from afar. Just to say thanks.

- write a note to a coach, teacher or pastor who greatly influenced you during your childhood or teen years.

- call or email your current pastor and tell them how grateful you are for their leadership.

- share with your team a story of impact that happened this past year that will inspire and motivate.

- take a gift to or leave a gift for your neighbor

- reach out to an aunt, uncle, cousin or relative who you haven't talked with in a while. Invite them to your house for Christmas.

- encourage a local civil servant or military member by saying hi and how you are grateful for their service.