3 Words to describe your leadership style

There are lots of tests, assessments, seminars, conferences, training centers, and workbooks available today that are supposed to help you accurately identify and determine your leadership style. Many of these are very helpful, and very accurate. I've taken lots of them. But someone asked me the other day, "With only three words, describe your leadership style." I had to think about that one. Tough question.

My answer: passion, excellence, execute.

Obviously there is no right answer to that question, but those were the first three words that came to mind. I've seen this style manifested in all the different places over the last several years where I've had a leadership role.

A phrase that would describe our culture here at Catalyst that we use all the time: "work hard and play hard." Whatever we are doing, we give 110% and always want to deliver- an excellent result. Whether working on a brochure, programming, curriculum, or playing basketball or kickball at our office, we strive to be the best at everything we do. We have tremendous passion for the work. Another phrase I think describes my style is "calm but intensely focused." Especially in environments like producing an event where things can be chaotic and multiple decisions have to be made instantly.

I believe this naturally flows out of my leadership style. Not sure if it is "in style" or not, but that's my style.

Try three words for yourself- it's tough, but will help in identifying the areas of your leadership that matter the most and show up most often.