Leader(less) Leaders

Are you one of these? Unfortunately, this is more common than you would think. They're all around us- mid managers, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, senior executives- up and coming leaders, seasoned leaders, young and old. It doesn't matter where- you'll find Leaders who have no leader to follow. Maybe you've find yourself in an organization where your boss or board or elders or manager is non-existent. Not willing to make decisions and not willing to effectively lead you. What to do? Well, a couple of thoughts. First- LEAD up. Find ways to influence not just your peers and those who work for you, but also influence this person above you. Positionally they are your superior, but that doesn't mean you can't lead them. Second, don't wait on someone else to create vision, direction and strategy for the team or organization. Create your own and move forward. This is paramount. It doesn't lessen your loyalty or commitment to your boss, it only enhances it. Remember, without vision, your people and your team will struggle (perish).