Young Influencers List, December edition

Here it is, the December edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see past month's lists HERE. 1. Aaron Ivey- worship pastor, musician and songwriter at The Austin Stone Community Church.

2. Derreck Kayong0- Founder and Chairman of the Global Soap Project.

3. Brooke Fraser- incredible singer, songwriter, and artist. Check out her newest album FLAGS.

4. James Choung- national director for Intervarsity's Asian American Ministry.

5. Trent Sheppard- helps lead Campus America, an initiative of the 24-7 Prayer Movement, and is co-author of God on Campus.

6. Katherine Wolf- amazing and powerful story of a young leader who has battled a massive stroke (seemingly life-ending) and since learned how to eat, speak, walk and live again.