Chuck Swindoll, Louie Giglio, Daniel Pink, Jeremy Cowart, & more

Check out a couple of the recent Catalyst Podcast episodes- featuring some great leaders. 1. Part Two of my interview with Louie Giglio, where we discuss the One Million Can initiative, Auburn football, the issue of stewardship and calling, and a few other surprises.

2. Also available is a recent episode which features Tim Elmore interviewing Daniel Pink, NYT and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind. Plus, I catch up with Jeremy Cowart, award winning photographer and founder of Help Portrait.

3. And the episode released yesterday features my interview with Chuck Swindoll, pastor, past president of Dallas Seminary, founder of Insight for Living, and author of numerous books, including the most recent The Church Awakening.

You can listen to all of these episodes here, or better yet, subscribe and download from itunes for FREE.