Aspirin vs. Vitamins

Read a great article recently in Fast Company by Dan and Chip Heath. Talking about the need for Consumers to have a deep felt need for your product. And considering the example of  aspirin and vitamins. Both found in the drug section of the grocery store. But a big difference between the two.

Vitamins are nice. They're healthy. And nice to have around.

But Aspirin cures your pain. Solves short terms solutions. Meets a basic need. And is a must have.

Compare that to your business, your organization, your product, your service, your project, your offering..... Is what you do or the service you provide a vitamin? Or does it serve as an aspirin for your customers and tribe? Is it a must have, or a nice-to-have?

The Heath's argue that our goal should be to actually turn vitamins into aspirin. It's not enough to give people something they might want, you have to give them something they acutally need.

People buy aspirin because it takes away pain. It meets a deep felt need. If you have a headache, you're not thinking "well I wonder if this is a good time to buy that aspirin I've been thinking about....." No, you want aspirin, and you want it now!

The question is this: Does your product or service or offering resolve a pain point for your customer? Does it meet a deep seated felt need? Is it a must have vs. a nice-to-have? If not, figure out how to turn your vitamins into aspirin.