5 Things to check out right now

1. Jesus Culture new album- I'm listening to it constantly. Buy it. 2. Pulse News One of my favorite apps- get it for free for your iphone or iPad- my favorite app for keeping up with a bunch of blogs and websites.

3. Fast Company- either the print magazine, following on Twitter, or visiting their website. Great way to keep up with what is new and innovative in business and culture.

4. PTI- Pardon the Interruption on ESPN. Best show on TV. The one show I watch everyday- 5:30 and 6:30 EST. If you are a sports fan, watch this show.

5. Noisetrade- great website for finding new music. Check out some of the incredibly talented musicians/artists on this site- including Sleeping at Last, Zach Williams, The Civil Wars, etc. Free downloads of songs, along with a way to "tip" the artists, so that they are not just giving away all their stuff for free.

BONUS: A glimpse into my "secret" life.... Chris Ediger captured a moment of me "rapping" at our Catalyst Christmas party a couple of weeks ago. All done to win $100 for the talent contest. I do have a rapping background....My stage name way back when in high school was "Creme L", and I was part of a rap group called "OREO." Yep, the creme in the middle. Jay King from Integrity is already signing me to a new record deal, so don't even try to send me offers.......

Merry Christmas everyone!