10 Organizations worth a year-end gift

Okay, here's the deal. I wanted to recommend a few organizations that I think are worth a year end gift. All of these organizations are ones that I'm invested in- both in terms of giving gifts and supporting them, as well as knowing the staff and the people behind these organizations. So as you think about year-end giving, I would recommend any of these organizations as a great place to invest.

1. Word Made Flesh- Run by my good friends Chris and Phileena Heuertz. I love what they do in serving the poorest of the poor all over the world.

2. Compassion- sponsor a child. I sponsor several. I've seen their work up close in Rwanda and your money is being stewarded well.

3. Young Life- been involved with Young Life since college. No one creates better experiences for teenagers and introduces the Gospel in such a compelling and loving way.

4. Gift Card Giver- full disclosure on this one- I serve on the board so I'm a bit biased. But there is literally no overhead and you can give a gift or a gift card to help out.

5. Convoy of Hope- they've brought their trucks to Catalyst the last several years, and their disaster relief and community development is amazing.

6. International Justice Mission- Gary Haugen and the team at IJM have been fighting sex trafficking and human slavery for the last 16 years. Rescuing victims as well as bringing justice to areas where no justice exists.

7. HOPE International- run by good friend Peter Greer, HOPE Int provides micro-finance loans all over the world, helping give dignity and lift people out of poverty. A $100 gift goes a long way.

8. charity: water- perhaps my favorite non-profit organization in the world. Scott Harrison and team have revolutionized the concept of providing clean water, and are only getting started.

9. One Days Wages- Eugene Cho makes it easy to see the impact of giving up one day of your salary. And he leads by example.

10. Your Local Church- make sure you are giving regularly to your local church body. That is the place to start.