A few recent interviews on The Catalyst Leader

Here are a few recent interviews I’ve done regarding The Catalyst Leader. Thanks to Ed Stetzer, CJ Casciotta, Tony Morgan, and JR Miller!

The Exchange with Ed Stetzer

Create Culture: Culture Conversations with CJ Casciotta

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Leadership Interview with Tony Morgan

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Christian Leadership Radio with JR Miller

Audio interview


10 New books you should read

1. The Catalyst Leader- by me…I’m biased, but I truly believe you should purchase this one and read it!

2. One Question- by Ken Coleman

3. More or Less- by Jeff Shinabarger

4. Start- by Jon Acuff

5. Freefall to Fly- by Rebekah Lyons

6. Bread and Wine- by Shauna Niequist

7. Decisive- by Chip and Dan Heath

8. Give and Take- by Adam Grant

9. Alter Ego- by Craig Groeschel

10. Boundaries for Leaders- by Henry Cloud

Catalyst Leader Special Offer Extended Through May 5

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Thank you to everyone for your support of my new book, The Catalyst LeaderThe book launch last week was incredible — thanks to everyone who picked up a copy  and helped spread the word. We were overwhelmed by the response.

Our team worked hard and packaged up over $600 in bonus resources for purchasing a physical copy of the book. The bonus resources include an eBook version of The Catalyst Leader, the audiobook, the Catalyst Worship project, selected messages from previous Catalyst events, and more.

We were originally offering the bonus resources through April 21, but have decided to extend the offer now through May 5. Purchase a physical copy of the book between now and May 5, email us your receipt, and claim these great resources.  Read more here.

Go deeper into the message of The Catalyst Leader and share these great bonus materials with your team.

Lead well. Lead now!

Catalyst Leader Giveaway: TOMS Eyewear (Sunglasses) + $100 TOMS Gift Card

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Today is our final Catalyst Leader release week giveaway: TOMS Eyewear and a $100 TOMS Gift Card!

Click here to read more and to enter.

Also, today is the LAST day to purchase a copy of the book and get over $600 in free bonus resources assembled by our team to help you dive deeper in to the book. Details here.

Thank you to everyone for your support of The Catalyst Leader. Lead well. Lead now.

Catalyst Leader Giveaway: Nike Fuel Band

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Leaders are always on the move. Leadership is a journey, after all. Today’s Catalyst Leader giveaway will help you measure how far you’re going on a daily basis. Literally.

Click here to enter today’s giveaway.

Also, the free bonus materials (a $600 value) go away after midnight tomorrow, so make sure to pick up your copy of The Catalyst Leader and take advantage of these great free resources!

Catalyst Leader Giveaway: $150 Warby Parker and Urban Outfitters Gift Cards

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What a remarkable week it has been. The Catalyst Leader released, Catalyst West is in full-swing, and Catalyst launched a brand-new website. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the fun!

The great giveaways to celebrate the release of The Catalyst Leader continue today with gift cards to help you add some swagger and style to your life — click here to read more and to enter.

Keep spreading the word about the book and join the conversation happening on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever social networks you’re connected to using the hashtag #CatalystLeader.

Also, there’s just a few days left to purchase a copy of the book and get over $600 in FREE resources put together by our team to help you grow in your leadership journey. Click here for details on how to purchase the book and get your bonus resources.

Catalyst Leader Giveaway :: Beats by Dr. Dre

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It’s a big week for Catalyst — Catalyst West begins today in Irvine and we are on the third day of the launch week for The Catalyst Leader with some great giveaways happening to celebrate.

Winston Churchill said, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Today’s giveaway will definitely help you listen. Check it out.