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Again, today only- THURSDAY, JULY 3. The Catalyst Leader Kindle version is $2.99 on Amazon.

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12 Tips to Help You be a Better Speaker and Communicator

1. End on time. So simple, but so hard for so many speakers I know.

2. Don’t ask if people can hear you. They can. And if they can’t, the sound guys will turn up your microphone. This is incredibly distractive.

3. Avoid open ended questions with your audience. Those can be incredibly awkward if no one responds. For example, “are you fired up?” If no one answers, or even one person, you’re off to an awkward start!

4. Always thank your host or sponsor. It creates connection, and also shows that you are actually aware enough to know who’s behind the event or gathering you’re part of.

5. Make room for questions. Not always an option, but anytime you can create a conversation with those you are speaking to, that’s a good thing.

6. Don’t read your slides. I can read your slide. You don’t need to.

7. Never throw the production or front of house or audio team under the bus. This is a cardinal rule.

8. Tell stories. Be personable. Stories create connection and vulnerability. Stories fill in the gap between you as the expert and everyone else as the wanna bee’s.

9. Be authentic. If you aren’t funny, don’t try to be. Be real and who you truly are. Approachability is crucial.

10. Always have a call to action. Leave those in attendance with something to go work on. The point is to Change and Do Something!

11. Look people in the eye. Whether it’s 10 people or 10,000 people, eye contact is imperative.

12. Be passionate. Your level of passion will give permission to the audience to lean in with you. Move towards Heart and soul, and emotional intelligence. Leave it all on the field! Make sure you create emotional hooks, and take people on a roller coaster instead of a train when it comes to passion level. Trains are good for sleeping on….!

A few recent interviews on The Catalyst Leader

Here are a few recent interviews I’ve done regarding The Catalyst Leader. Thanks to Ed Stetzer, CJ Casciotta, Tony Morgan, and JR Miller!

The Exchange with Ed Stetzer

Create Culture: Culture Conversations with CJ Casciotta

Leadership Interview with Tony Morgan

Christian Leadership Radio with JR Miller

Audio interview


10 New books you should read

1. The Catalyst Leader- by me…I’m biased, but I truly believe you should purchase this one and read it!

2. One Question- by Ken Coleman

3. More or Less- by Jeff Shinabarger

4. Start- by Jon Acuff

5. Freefall to Fly- by Rebekah Lyons

6. Bread and Wine- by Shauna Niequist

7. Decisive- by Chip and Dan Heath

8. Give and Take- by Adam Grant

9. Alter Ego- by Craig Groeschel

10. Boundaries for Leaders- by Henry Cloud

Catalyst Leader Special Offer Extended Through May 5

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Thank you to everyone for your support of my new book, The Catalyst LeaderThe book launch last week was incredible — thanks to everyone who picked up a copy  and helped spread the word. We were overwhelmed by the response.

Our team worked hard and packaged up over $600 in bonus resources for purchasing a physical copy of the book. The bonus resources include an eBook version of The Catalyst Leader, the audiobook, the Catalyst Worship project, selected messages from previous Catalyst events, and more.

We were originally offering the bonus resources through April 21, but have decided to extend the offer now through May 5. Purchase a physical copy of the book between now and May 5, email us your receipt, and claim these great resources.  Read more here.

Go deeper into the message of The Catalyst Leader and share these great bonus materials with your team.

Lead well. Lead now!

Catalyst Leader Giveaway: TOMS Eyewear (Sunglasses) + $100 TOMS Gift Card

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Today is our final Catalyst Leader release week giveaway: TOMS Eyewear and a $100 TOMS Gift Card!

Click here to read more and to enter.

Also, today is the LAST day to purchase a copy of the book and get over $600 in free bonus resources assembled by our team to help you dive deeper in to the book. Details here.

Thank you to everyone for your support of The Catalyst Leader. Lead well. Lead now.