Young Influencers List, May Edition

Here you go, the May edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's lists here

1. Molly Skaggs - singer, songwriter, and co-leader of the Second Phase and part of the Cageless Birds community. 

2. Beau Coffron - OKC based founder and voice behind Lunchbox Dad, a community that helps makes parents lives easier, and has received tons of recent press

3. Savannah Soutas - CA based mom, photographer, beauty blogger and uber popular YouTuber and on Instagram, engaged to Cole LaBrant

4. Justin Flom - Las Vegas based magician, best known for his YouTube and TV series Wizard Wars, and also an appearance on Ellen

5. Alma Zaragoza Petty - LA based co-host of brand new The Red Couch Podcast, teacher, wife of Propaganda, professor, and mother. 

6. Karl RomeusSacramento based student ministry pastor at Bayside Church. 

7. Sebastian Williams - Dallas based artist and photographer. 

Young Influencers List, April edition

Here you go, the April edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's lists here

1. Kaiwei Tang - co founder of the Light Phone

2. Mimi Valdes - Brooklyn based writer, chief creative officer of I am Other, and executive producer of recent movie Hidden Figures. 

3. Jonathan Akin - director of Young Leader Engagement at North American Mission Board, and a co founder of Baptist 21. 

4. Kristin Adams - host, TV personality, actress, and speaker. 

5. Gerald Fadayomi - Atlanta based communicator and InsideOut groups director and student pastor at Browns Bridge Church

6. Kevin Jennings - marketing director at Orange, DJ, brand builder, and founder of Junction 32 Agency. 

7. David Simiele - campus pastor at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 

Young Influencers List, March Edition

Here you go, the March edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's list's here

1. Ryan Good - LA based producer, road manager, artist developer and fashion consultant

2. Jackie Hill-Perry - artist, writer, poet, speaker and host, part of Humble Beast Records. 

3. Heather Avis - speaker, writer, adoption advocate, and author of the new release The Lucky Few

4. Brent Almond - executive VP of production at Relativity, and former producer at Sony, working on a number of projects

5. Megan Tibbits - Michigan raised artist, singer, songwriter, and harp player

6. Mingo Palacios - pioneer, roadtripper in the Purpose Driven RV, and pastor at Saddleback Church. 

7. Grant Skeldon - Dallas based speaker, innovator, and founder of the Initiative Network, a collective of young local missionaries. 

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Young Influencers List, February Edition

Here you go, the February edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's lists here.

1. Jimi Cravity - (real name Maurice!) Atlanta based singer, songwriter, worship leader and recent album HEAVEN released through Capital Records. 

2. Ash Huang - San Francisco designer, artist, author and innovation curator. 

3. John Luke Robertson - current Liberty University student, author and blogger, along with part of the TV reality hit show Duck Dynasty. 

4. Ben Kirksey - Fayetteville, AR based Director of the Workmatters Institute

5. Amanda Minatra - creative director at Fresh Life Church in Kalispell, MT. 

6. Carson Case - Coastal Carolina student, social media messenger, speaker, blogger and part of NewSpring Church team.

7. Pete Wynter - London based curate at Holy Trinity Brompton Church, along with Director of Leadership College London