Young Influencers List

Young Influencers List, December edition

Here it is, the December edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see past month's lists HERE. 1. Aaron Ivey- worship pastor, musician and songwriter at The Austin Stone Community Church.

2. Derreck Kayong0- Founder and Chairman of the Global Soap Project.

3. Brooke Fraser- incredible singer, songwriter, and artist. Check out her newest album FLAGS.

4. James Choung- national director for Intervarsity's Asian American Ministry.

5. Trent Sheppard- helps lead Campus America, an initiative of the 24-7 Prayer Movement, and is co-author of God on Campus.

6. Katherine Wolf- amazing and powerful story of a young leader who has battled a massive stroke (seemingly life-ending) and since learned how to eat, speak, walk and live again.

Young Influencers List, November edition

Here it is, the November edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past lists from previous months here. 1. Fr. Justin Mathews- Exec. Director and CEO, Focus North America, as well as an accomplished musician and leader in Kansas City.

2. Riley Goodfellow- young 9 yr old activist from CA who has raised thousands of dollars for clean water in partnership with charity: water through her project the Beans and Rice Crew, and greatly inspired us at Catalyst a month ago.

3. Michael Gungor- singer, songwriter, artist, pastor and worship leader from Denver. Also lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Gungor.

4. Amena Brown- spoken word artist, poet, speaker and journalist. She will leave you speechless.

5. Steven McMorran- LA singer, songwriter and founder of one of my other favorite current bands, Satellite.

6. Tony Sheng- father, database engineer, lay pastor and student ministry and missions guru.

Young Influencers List, October edition

Here you go, the October Edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see past editions here. 1. Dave Blanchard- business designer at IDEO, and founder of 1522 Lab, a social entrepreneur project.

2. Kyle Idleman- teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church, and author/developer of the Not a Fan Series.

3. Ryan O'Neal- founder of the band Sleeping at Last. Current project Yearbook is releasing 3 new songs every month for 1 year.

4. Darius Weems- the man behind the film Darius Goes West. Incredibly inspiring story and leader.

5. Audrey Assad- singer/songwriter from Nashville. New album just out entitled The House You're Building.

6. Lori Wilhite- pastor at Central Christian in Las Vegas, and founder of Leading and Loving It, connecting and encouraging women in ministry.

Young Influencers List, September Edition

Here you go, the September Edition of the Young Influencers List. You can view past months editions here. 1. Jack Dorsey- Creator and co-founder of Twitter, and CEO of Square.

2. Luma Mufleh- founder and director of The Fugees and Fugees Family, an organization devoted to working with child survivors of war, primarily through soccer and other sports.

3. Jaeson Ma- musician, artist, pastor, and connector in the LA area.

4. Jenny White- director of Art House America in Dallas. Worked previously with the WH First Lady advance team in 2007.

5. Kohl Crecelius- CEO and co-founder of Krochet Kids, helping lift Northern Ugandan women out of poverty through crochet products.

6. Rafael Castillo- Director of Next Generation Min, Christ Tabernacle, Queens, NY.

Young Influencers List, August Edition

Here you go, the August edition of the Young Influencers List. You can find past months' editions here. 1. Darren Whitehead- teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church. And Australian....

2. Josh Cox- elite runner and US record holder in 50 K. Part of Team World Vision raising money through marathon sponsorships.

3. Allison Trowbridge- Communications Director at Not For Sale, fighting human trafficking and slavery.

4. Dave Morin- Co-founder and CEO of Path. Co-inventor of Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect.

5. Stephen Cole- songwriter and worship leader at Northwest OKC campus of

6. Jake Harriman- CEO of NURU International, a global poverty relief organization.

Young Influencers List, July Edition

The July Edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past editions here. 1. Paul Andrew- founder of the Leadership Coach, formerly of Australia, and now church planter in New York City.

2. Jenni Catron- executive director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, and founder of Cultivate Her.

3. Sean Carasso- founder of Falling Whistles, a unique and innovative campaign for peace in Congo.

4. Terrance Johnson- pastor of Higher Dimension Church in Houston, TX.

5. Kelly Minter- speaker, worship leader and songwriter, and most recent author of No Other Gods.

6. Matt Chambers- founder of SafeWater Nexus, which is mobilizing people, resources, and energy towards sustainable humanitarian projects around the globe.

Young Influencers List, June Edition

Here you go, the Young Influencers List for June. You can see past editions here. 1. Esther Fleece- special assistant to the President on Millenial Relations for Focus on the Family. She is leading the charge for Focus on connecting with the next generation of leaders.

2. Herbert Cooper- pastor of the People's Church in Oklahoma City, and a great communicator and leader. Plus he grew up in OK.... us Oklahoma boys have to stick together!!

3. Lindsey Nobles- director of communications for Thomas Nelson, and a blogger extraordinaire.

4. Travis Mason- a young business gun in DC working for Booz Allen Hamilton as a strategy consultant.

5. Britt Merrick - pastor of Reality in Carpinteria, CA., with church plants across CA as well as in London. Formerly with Channel Island Surfboards.

6. Carrie Boren- former actress and now Missioner for Evangelism at Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. Degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Yale.

Young Influencers List, May edition

The May Edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see past month's editions here. 1. Anna Leung- founder and president, RIJI Green. Is currently tackling 27 rock climbing routes to bring awareness to 27 million slaves around the world.

2. Jonathan Olinger- International documentarian and founder of Discover the Journey. Recent documentary RESCUED was featured on CNN.

3. Blake Howard- creative director and partner, Matchstic. They helped us design the current Catalyst Conference website.

4. Jad Gillies- singer/songwriter with Hillsong United, and worship pastor at Hillsong Church.

5. Bianca Juarez- speaker, author, and teacher. Follow her on Twitter.

Young Influencers List, April edition

Here's the April edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see past editions here. 1. Michael Jr.- great comedian in LA. Appears frequently on Tonight Show. Releasing a documentary called The Road Less Traveled, about doing comedy in places not usually filled with laughter.

2. Hannah Song- Exec. Director of Link Global, which aims to raise awareness regarding humanitarian issues in North Korea.

3. Kyle Wiens- founder of iFixit, an innovative new group seeking to create a free online fixit manual that you can edit and add to from anywhere in the world. A wikipedia for gadgets.

4. Brian Wurzell- pastor, worship leader, blogger extraordinaire, creative guru and host. On staff with Cornerstone Church in Chandler, AZ.

5. Mariah McManus- amazing singer/songwriter, and daughter of Erwin. She's really, really good.

Young Influencers List, March edition

Another edition of the Young Influencers List. I thought I would release the March edition on April 1, just because it seemed right..... But these 5 below are no joke. They're the real deal. Past editions you can find here.

March List:

1. Tyler Merrick- founder of Project 7.

2. Andrew Morgan- founder and visionary leader of Broken Voices.

3. Bryan Loritts- lead pastor of Fellowship Memphis.

4. Jo Saxton- she is a leadership coach, director with 3D Ministries, and has a great English accent!

5. Joy Williams- amazing singer/songwriter, part of the band The Civil Wars, and culture shaper.

Young Influencers List, February Edition

The February Edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see the past months' editions here. 1. Lance Briggs- founder of Uganda Bible Project.

2. Allyson Felix- Olympic sprinter and 2008 gold medalist in the 200 meters. First women to ever win 3 consecutive world championships in the 200.

3. Pete Wilson- pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, uber blogger, and author of Plan B which will release in May.

4. Billy Williams- Grassroots Movement Director for Nuru International.

5. Ty Clark- CEO and Designer of Veritas, an art fashion brand that includes a unique clothing line aiming to help humanity through art.

Young Influencers List, January Edition

Here you go, the January edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see the past month's lists here. 1. Alyson Stoner- 17-year old noted actress and musician.

2. Matt Mooney- created the 99 Balloons Project. You need to watch this. Get the tissues out.

3. Nikki Toyama- program director for Intervarsity and the Urbana Conference, and author of More than Serving Tea.

4. Danny Wuerffel- former Heisman Trophy winner and now Visionary Leader of Desire Street Ministries.

5. Laura Waters Hinson- Award-winning filmmaker, and director/producer of the movie As We Forgive. Powerful.