12 Churches under the Radar you should Know

Here are a few churches with lots of influence in their communities, and definitely worth checking out in terms of the way they are doing ministry and reaching their cities. But may not be as well known to other leaders around the country.

Check them out, and add any other churches to the comments section that might be under the radar but we should make sure and know about.

1. Reality Church- San Francisco; Dave Lomas

2. Fresh Life ChurchKalispell, MT; Levi Lusko

3. Cornerstone Church- Orangeburg, SC; Artie Davis

4. The Crossing Church- Las Vegas, NV; Shane Philip

5. South Bay ChurchSan Jose, CA; Andy Wood

6. The Church of Eleven22- Jacksonville, FL; Joby Martin

7. The Church at ArkansasFayetteville, AR; Jonathan Beasley

8. Liquid Church- Mountainside, NJ; Tim Lucas

9. Epiphany Fellowship Church- Philadelphia, PA; Eric Mason

10. Hillside Community Church- Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Aaron McRae

11. The Triumphant Church- Hyattsville, MD; Perrin Rogers

12. Substance Church- Minneapolis, MN; Peter Haas



  1. You should check out Grace Point Church in Bentonville, AR. http://www.gracepointchurch.net

  2. David Spell says:

    This is a great list. Thanks for sharing. C3 Church global is a church planting movement that started in Sydney, Australia. There are now over 300 C3 churches around the globe. http://www.c3churchglobal.com

  3. Joey says:

    Freedom Church in Acworth, Georgia. See what’s going on there at http://www.freedomchurch.tv The sermon starts in the parking lot with volunteers and teams that love to serve because they get to serve. I grew up in very traditional churches when we went to church at all, Freedom Church is miles from that. We’re under the radar now but it’ll only be a few more years and this movement is going to go far beyond the few cities one campus is currently impacting.

  4. Diana Jones says:

    Love this list and excited to invest in these churches. Check out what God is doing in the middle of the desert in West Texas! Stonegate Fellowship – Midland, TX; Patrick Payton http://www.stonegatefellowship.com

  5. Justin Knowles says:

    I know people at The Crossing and at Hillside. Great people. Great churches. I would say keep an eye on Christ’s Church of the Valley in San Dimas with Jeff Vines. Great place. Huge influence. Which is why I accepted a position there.

  6. Jay says:

    Zion Church in Landover, Maryland. Senior Pastor Keith Battle.

  7. Will Laohoo says:

    Great list! I’m in NJ, so I’m glad to see Liquid on the list!

    I’ll also put in for my church, Princeton Alliance Church (www.princetonalliance.org). Doing much overseas as well as in the local community!

  8. David Young says:

    Church of Eleven22 Is completely gospel based in its approach. An awesome church.

  9. Real Life Christian Church is definitely worth checking into. Real Life is impacting and changing lives all across Central Florida with their 5 campuses. A truely amazing bible teaching church!!

  10. Harley Waugerman says:

    I’m only familiar with the Church of Eleven 22 and Pastor JOBY Martin. If the other churches preach the gospel and make disciples with the passion and focus as this church then we are blessed!!!

  11. Eleven22 is the church I attend now. Real life is the church I attended for 3 years while I was living in Orlando.

  12. Tracy Pritchett says:

    I have attended Eleven 22 for 2 years and was baptised last summer! Bittersweet we’ve recently moved to the west valley of Arizona, called Avondale. Recommendations? Anyone? Much obliged! :-)

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