30 Key Movements happening in the Christian community

A lot of leaders ask me what “movements” or networks within the Christian community they should pay attention to.

Here are 30 of those, in no particular order of importance or priority. These aren’t the only 30, but 30 I think you should be aware of.

Feel free to add others we should have on the radar in the comments section.

1. Hillsong

2. Passion

3. Catalyst

4. Jesus Culture

5. Exponential

6. Worship Central (London)

7. Verge/Austin Stone

8. Q

9. IF Gathering

10. Reach Records/Lecrae

11. Leadership Summit/Willow Creek

12. Misfit/Christ Tabernacle

13. Compassion

14. Orange

15. North Point Ministries/Drive Conference

16. LifeChurch.tv

17. ARC

18. Resurgence

19. FPU/Dave Ramsey

20. Rick Warren/Saddleback/PEACE

21. Gospel Coalition

22. HTB/Alpha Course

23. Leadership Network

24. Thrive Conference/Bayside Church

25. Luis Palau Association

26. Women of Faith

27. Send North America

28. The Bible Series/Son of God Movie/Mark Burnett and Roma Downey

29. Relevant Magazine/Media Group

30. PlanetShakers





  1. Kristine says:

    Do not forget about 3DM.

  2. Susan Cox says:

    Hey Brad our church , Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas hosts a Marriage Ministry Training Conference where we train pastors and lay leaders from all over the world on how to implement a marriage ministry in their church. We are seeing a national movement of restoration and reconciliation of marriages. We believe this conference should be number 31 on your list. Check it out :) better yet, come and see our marriage ministry known as re|engage !
    Susan Cox
    Watermark Church

  3. It’s not ready to join an amazing list like this yet but YoungPastors will be one to keep your eye on. Putting all resource and energy into pouring into this next generation of young pastors.

  4. David Spell says:

    Great list. I would also say check out C3 Church. C3 is also based in Sydney and Phil Pringle and Brian Houston have been friends for years. C3 is focused on planting churches all over the world. It is committed to developing and empowering young leaders to lead the way in sharing the gospel with this generation.


  5. Karina Allen says:

    Check out http://www.incourage.me

    It’s one of the authentic spaces online that builds community among women!!!

  6. Patrick Fore says:

    I am still trying to figure out what this list is. I do agree that there some “networks” on this list doing some incredible stuff and engaging in some important and interesting conversation. There are also “networks” on this list that the primary drive is selling product/tickets/etc. I mean there are huge companies that market and develop product to Christians, should they be on this list? There are churches/well-known pastors that have HUGE followings (for better or for worse) should they be on this list?

    This might be the mainstream subjectively good ‘networks’ but should we also mention the negative/potentially negative groups/pastors/companies as well?

    On the other hand I see other communities/groups doing incredible things in the world, starting really good conversations that have been left off because perhaps their doctrine/methodology/whatever doesn’t align with some unidentified metric.

    • bradlomenick says:

      Patrick- i’m just trying to make this blog community aware of some organizations and networks they should keep up with, learn from, etc. if you have suggestions on what other groups/networks should be on this list, please include them. that’s why i asked for that. this is not “the only” 30 movements doing great work. far from it. it’s just 30 that I have on the radar.

  7. Pedro says:

    Hi friends from all over the world. All movements cited are awesome. I keep an eye on almost all of them. As David cited, C3 is also an amazing movement.

    Now here is a movement that is taking off: #facethebook

    I firmly believe this can change the way we bring the good news to our circle of friends. Check it out… God bless guys

  8. Torie says:

    I’d like to add Liberty University to this list.

    I am an adult alumni, living in Lynchburg, VA and attend a lot of the services and events on campus.

    The young people on this campus will surely be some of out greatest leaders in the future! Christ is magnified and glorified in everything the school does, but the students are amazing!

    Young men and women being trained to live and work out their faith to impact the world for Jesus!

  9. Taylor Lassiter says:

    Can’t ignore Awana. Even though they are a “legacy” organization for 60+ years, the way the organization is restructuring and realigning to move forward is incredible. They get overlooked because they aren’t new, but there is an amazing movement that Awana is leading worldwide. Did you know Awana is reaching over 2.5 million kids worldwide a week in over 28,000 churches worldwide, and are on track to reach 10 million by 2020? It’s amazing how God is using Awana.

  10. Paul says:

    Great list – I think Watermark Community is doing some incredible things as well – so grateful to be a part of the community there along with the ever-growing 3000 young adults ministry in Dallas called the Porch. I truly believe it is making waves in changing the city of Dallas for Christ. You should definitely check it out – theporchdallas.com

  11. Bob Brow says:

    Here’s the latest new “movement” in the Christian community‚Ķbusinesses paying to put Gospel messages on local TV programs.

    See the “commercials” for yourself:


  12. Will Link says:


    Top Buttons is a movement really deserving attention. As the father of a young daughter, Top Buttons’ message of modesty without denying personality is invaluable. Its approach is also refreshing and perfectly targeted to its market.

  13. Nick says:

    I would encourage you to take a look at Top Buttons. Top Buttons is a faith based fashion blog, encouraging young women to dress modestly without giving up the “fashion”. As a father of three girls, I find our society becomming more and more challenging when it comes to the way our young girls are dressing. I think that providing a positive Christian influence in the lives of young girls and showing them that fashion does not have to come at the cost of modesty, is a valuable lesson to teach our girls. In addition to providing fashion advice, Top Buttons has taken an outreach approach to their grassroots venture. They have provided shopping sprees to nominated individuals who have a need. They take these girls shopping, and give them the advice to build a modest yet trendy wardrobe.

    I would encourage you to check them out. Like I said earlier, I am the father of three girls. The moral compass of a family begins inside the home, but we are constantly in need of solid resources to assist us with educating our kids. This movement is a solid resource, administered by individuals who love God and have a passion for what they are doing, both in the blog and the outreach.

    Thank you for giving us a platform to spread the word and share resources.


  14. Troy says:

    C12 Group is making an incredible impact in the marketplace, by leading and serving Christian CEO’s and business owners. Truly transforming the cultures of companies to honor God in everything they do.

    Check out: http://www.C12group.com

  15. Hey!

    I’m like to add TopButtons.org to this list. They are a web based fashion magazine that promote fashion with a modest twist. They have a network of young contributors marketing to younger girls to reach them in unconventional ways and teach them how to dress modestly and fashionable while knowing how to respect themselves.


  16. Belinda says:

    In a world that needs to be more “connected” I wonder if, respectfully, lists can be more limiting than connecting. Looking at the great casues of our day, there are an incredible amount of movements, both small and large, that are doing miraculous stuff with little or no profile. So, in the spirit of “the list” how about:

    Immigration Reform @ World Relief http://worldrelief.org/page.aspx?pid=2374

    Slavery @ Made In A Free World

    Peacebuilding @ The Holy Land Trust http://www.holylandtrust.org/

    Fearless Justice @ The Justice Conference

    Social Justice @ Sojourners

    And so many more passionate folks… Brad, I appreciate the complex nature of lists, and the limits they have in a blog post. Would you and your thoughtful staff produce another list of “ones to watch” that folks aren’t already watching? THAT woudl be a helpful list:)

  17. I would love to add @LeadHer to your list of movements to follow. LeadHer is a international, non-denominational women’s ministry that began in 2011. LeadHer believes every woman is a leader and our mission is to provide a place to grow women God’s way: spiritually, practically and relationally. We do this through local chapters and regional conferences. LeadHer is completely free for all women and is funded by local and national sponsors.

    Please check us out at Leadher.org

  18. Sometime, I’d like to see a list like this that offers a look at the geographic clusters of ministries, i.e. what happens where; especially when many of them do work together. For example:
    * The Colorado Springs cluster
    * The Atlanta cluster
    * The Chicago/Wheaton cluster
    * The Southern California cluster
    ^ The Grand Rapids cluster

  19. Rodney says:


  20. susan leavitt says:

    Acts29 Network

  21. Mark says:

    Given Keller’s incredible influence, maybe Redeemer City to City could be added. I read somewhere where they were the most effective church planting network in the U.S. But this may be wrong.

  22. Beau says:

    How about InterVarsity. Largest college ministry in the USA and reaching almost 700 campuses.

    Or IFES in just about every country but 12 or so.

  23. Eric Lige says:

    Here’s another unique one that speak towards the multiethnic & global church:

  24. Glen Willet says:

    I keep up with most of the 30 listed. I also agree with Belinda in adding justice conference and IJM. In addition, check out youthope.com for global youth impact.

  25. Michael says:

    Forge America


  26. Transform World was started by Luis Bush, the strategist/facilitator that coined the phrase 10/40 window. Transform World is a global movement calling the Body of Christ to personal transformation that leads to societal transformation. It focuses on evangelizing children from 4-14 years old and has identified 7 challenges facing the Church today. Ideology, Human Rights, Orphans, Relationships, Poverty, Christ’s Missional, and Celebration. See also tla-ht.blogspot.com/

  27. What I don’t understand is how you are defining the term “movement”.

    These seem at best like “shared experiences”, “shared preferences”. They do not seem to be “people movements” in the missiological sense.

    • I think if I had compiled this list, my biggest struggle would be what to call it. I see it as a list of 30 communities where there is life; where things are happening. (It’s presumptuous on a number of levels to over-spiritualize it and say, ‘Where God is moving’ and I’m sure Brad wrestled with that as well)

      See Brad’s February 19th reply to @Patrick.

  28. Josh Webb says:

    Hi Brad,
    Great list! Keep an eye on Abundant Living Faith Center in El Paso, TX.
    25,000+ members and home of Thrive Conference #thrive14 (Jentezen Franklin, Chris Hill, Marcos Witt, Chad Veach, Rich Wilkerson Jr. and more) and One Women’s Conference (October 2014 with Bobbie Houston and Cristine Caine).

    Pastor Charles Nieman is a sage – amazing story of integrity and longevity (36 years in the same church, which is 80% Hispanic). He lost his wife to cancer last year and has stood strong leading the church. His “When life doesn’t play along” keynote at Hillsong Conference last year is the top selling talk in Hillsong conference history.

  29. Tim Hein says:


    Two further influential movements are:

    1. Redeemer/City to City. The influence of Tim Keller amongst church leaders and planters in major cities around the western globe is significant and growing. Key book: Center Church.

    2. Alan Hirsch & Michael Frost/ Missional/ Forge. Popularisers of missional thinking in the stream of Bosch & Newbigin, the influence of the missional perspective to the western church is significant, with many micro-movements spreading.

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