10 Major Trends for 2013

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Here are a few trends that seem to be capturing major attention as we start 2013. I am not proposing that all of these are positive trends, but simply stating them as a picture of reality as move into 2013 and beyond.
1. Content on demand- everywhere, often and most of the time free.
2. Tech in everything- cars, kitchen, refrigerators, watches, wallets, and other devices.
3. Smart Phone as the center of your world- it is where you consume content, get info, make calls, update my status, and remote control my tv and appliances, along with basically running your life.
4. Integrated social media- social media is no longer a phenomenon. It’s here to stay. And now integrated into everything we do.
5. We are all leaders- because of social media, technology, and the digital space, anyone can create a platform and gain influence quickly. Everyone has access. Small competes with large, and there is an equal playing field for most involved.
6. Authenticity matters- more than ever, we have to be real and genuine and honest.
7. Comfortable Multi-tasking is in- Cars are now being created that drive themselves. For real. We are more than ever creatures of comfort. Comfort so I can do multiple things at once.
8. Touchscreens- experience is now about everything being a touchscreen and swipe technology.
9. Collaboration- working together is more and more becoming the norm. Shared office spaces between companies, shared staff, partnerships, etc.
10. Mergers and streamlining within industries- similar to #9, but specifically as it relates to a formal merger between companies, organizations and churches. This continues to happen with more regularity, and is now happening consistently with churches and non-profit organizations.


  1. This is a good list. Some of these things obviously are carryovers from last year. One that stuck out to me was touchscreens. Although we had this last year (and years before), it seems like they’re becoming much more mainstream. It’s pretty exciting when you think about what might be coming next.

  2. Phil Darke says:

    Great list. What strikes me is the interplay between many of them. For instance, while 9 and 10 are clearly connected and a great thing for the Church and society (in most cases), the collaboration usually results from us being authentic leaders (5 & 6) who embrace and welcome the reality that we need others who are better (and/or different) than us in various things to compliment, encourage, sharpen, and improve us on our journey. Also, we are able to find companions to accompany us on our respective journeys through the social media and other connection points available to us (2-4).

    Yes, everything does have “its shadow,” but I, for one, am excited to see how God works in and through the things on this list to enable us to glorify and honor Him.

  3. Thanks Brad. I referenced this today with a group of leaders. Great content.

  4. Phil Darke says:

    Thanks for this great list, Brad. What strikes me about it is the interplay between several of the trends, and the incredible good that can happen through a healthy interplay between and amongst them.

    For instance, numbers 9 & 10 clearly are connected, and 5 & 6 also typically are necessary for 9 & 10 to be done with excellence. Authentic leaders must recognize and act on their huge need to surround themselves with people and other organizations smarter and better than them in various areas before real and effective collaboration will occur. And 3 & 4 on the list make it much easier for leaders to connect and collaborate with each other in effective and efficient ways.

    As Eugene Peterson has said, “We can sure use companions. Companions accompany. We don’t tell one another how to do it. . . . Companions eat bread together. Share life, share stories, live generously with one another. Refuse to be competitors.”

    Fortunately for us, several of these trends provide us with more avenues to being better companions on our respective journeys.

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